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  • AFRICAN MOTHERS💪💪Who are slay mamas (part2)
  • Ugly, unattractive, stretch-marks, wrinkles, awful scars, saggies, black, rough, dirty, stinky, unkempt, rags, poor and illiterate are some of the many qualities attributed to women who took it upon themselves to maintain a set standard; of heritage & culture, morals, virtue and decency.
    It is common knowledge that every person on earth was birthed by a woman, everyone sucked from the delicacy of their bossoms to be well-nourished and grow. As their (the children's) age advances, it becomes a general expectation by people that she (the mother) understands all that the child is made up of, and believe they (mothers) are of utmost impact to the lives of the children they nurture.
    Of every sphere of life and aspect of human race, the woman is often seen as the bedrock for propagating sound doctrines and teachings on morality, virtue, home-building, culture, traditions and unbeatable sound behavioural upliftment. This is because she's often the first point of reference to her children, family, immediate community and the world at large...
    It may hence not be gain say to deduce that the rise or fall of any nation could be attributed to the good or bad performance(s) of the women who nurtured the propagators of the situation in question. This however may not be 100% true as we often see children with sound moral backgrounds drifting off the way and misbehaving as a result.
    The love of a mother for her children and the way to impact them isn't established just when the children grow up to begin to see the act of love and kindness for themselves, but while they are still infants and clueless; how that their mother maintains a bright smile on her face as she backs them with a peice of cloth (wrapper) at the expense of getting a saggy thereafter.

    This is the African Mother; the real SLAY MAMA!

    She looks beyond the effect on her own body and seeks the comfort of her children. She loves them and is ready to maintain and teach them about decency of dressing, speech, behaviour, culture and so on...despite her "illiteracy," her wisdom is beyond mere articulation in words... She in fact, slays every loophole to the progress, growth and development of the continent; Africa!
    Real African Mama,
    Who can find?
    Her kind is rare,
    Unarguably priceless and fair,
    She's brave in mind and kind at heart,
    L❤ves beyond words,
    She proves it with her acts.
    Very decent within and without,
    And modest to the core, no doubt.
    To show her beauty, she really don't have to pout,
    Just a natural expression, no need to shout!
    To the real SlayMama, I give a shoutout!

    But what then happened?

    As earlier established, there's always this set of people who'd either be lured off track by wrong peer groups and unattended youthful exurberances or just decide to be headstrong because they feel in charge of their own lives; it's their life and so must be lived to their taste.
    They care less of society's perception, know nothing about culture and tradition, disregard heritage and virtue, and depise counsel for decent living...
    They are usually characterized by indecency; of dressing style, words and behaviour. Found mainly at night clubs, dark streets and are often products of deformation in character and virtue. Their acts are dispicable and are in fact, the direct opposite of their own mothers.
    They puff smoke from their mouths and nostrils like the exhaust of a wrecked vehicle, burdened with excessive luggage, and crawling on tar to reach its destination.
    More worrying is the fact that they see nothing wrong with that.

    They are popularly known as:


    More advanced ones are called SLAY MAMAs...

    They have destroyed more destinies than failure ever did and broken more homes than bulldozers will ever do. They live fake lives just to get noticed and laid...They have no plans for marriage let alone owning and running a family. They indeed
    are slayers/killers, how sad! They always lie at street corners and secret joints in wait for any loose prey ready to go down the drain...
    Sadly, this isn't the heritage passed on by their own mothers...something went wrong somewhere. They are the ones being looked upon by the younger generation for the meaning of life; a virtue they (these slay mamas) do not even know!
    It's quite painful to imagine that these are the same set of specie (woman-folk) being praised and highly extolled only a few decades ago as the heartbeat and bedrock of our world...
    Bearing posterity in mind, I must say, an urgent positive transformation ought to be effected, else the earth is doomed!


    God knows I have always tried my best to warn my fellow brothers and other guys out there to be mindful of the way they pick on ladies these days!
    My ultimate plea is this: Never, I repeat, never you propose (marriage especially) to a lady you just met at a wedding ceremony or a night club... The sight of her real face would soon clear the madness and stupidity off your head!😂😂

    It's a big burden in my heart I really have been longing to write about, I hope you did enjoyed every part of it... Stay turned for part3 of this (who are slay mamas)

    All photo used were adopted from Google.com

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