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  • It’s time Nigerian citizens discover how they can make Nigeria better- Symington
  • The US Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Stuart
    Symington yesterday charged Nigerians to
    stand up and think of how to contribute and
    make Nigeria a better country which together
    with the United States of America could lift up
    the world.
    Symington who stated this at the event marking
    America’s 241 Independence anniversary said
    it was time Nigerian citizens capitalized on their
    unique qualities- the diversity, energy,
    optimism, creativity and resilience of
    Nigerians adding that when Nigeria gets better,
    everyone will enjoy and it will make a positive
    impact globally.
    His words, “In my life time, the number of
    Nigerian-Americans who have lifted the United
    States by their actions in my country has grown
    to be enormous and from my perspective there
    is no greatest thing as the bonds between our
    countries’ friendship and common focus.
    I look forward to marking the next century of
    our relationship in this way and the Nigeria
    dream and the American dream that would
    together lift up the world.” Symington added.
    “Here is the point of my stay in Nigeria, I
    haven’t been everywhere in Nigeria but I have
    been in some places and I know how fortunate I
    am to be in Nigeria. I usually ask a simple
    question, what do you like about Nigeria. And
    each time I get the answer ‘me’. It is a truly
    wonderful thing that the diversity also brings
    about the resilience that makes the people say I
    like Nigerians. In our country, it caused us some
    big problems.
    In a nation full of Nigerians who love their
    diversity, resilience and love their creativity, and
    their strength and innovativeness, and a nation
    full of Nigerians who live the Nigeria dream
    everyday, the single most important thing that
    can happen is this, that the leaders of the
    country be recognized when they speak like
    George Washington and Abraham Lyncon.
    Citizens of this country should realize that
    leaders without citizens are like a book with
    covers and no pages. Leaders without citizens
    cannot live and the greatest is that every
    Nigerian citizen who is proud to be a citizen,
    would stand up and say how can I make Nigeria
    better because of what I do.
    The next thing I’d like us to remember is this,
    here’s what is at stake in your Nigeria, when
    Nigeria gets better with more Nigerians
    believing in the Nigerian dream because they
    live it together, it will truly lift up the leadership
    that they find. You will lift up Nigeria and you
    will lift up the world.”

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