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  • Murder of student: Police threaten star witnesses over new statement—Family
  • The family members of the late Joy Odama, the
    200-level mass communication student
    allegedly murdered in the house of one Alhaji
    Usman Adamu, have cried out over what they
    described as an alleged attempt to pervert
    justice by threatening the star witnesses in the
    murder investigation to write a new statement
    changing their earlier position on the matter.
    The family made the allegation even as
    investigation into the cause of the death of the
    student of Cross Rivers State University took a
    new twist when two of the principal pathologists,
    who conducted a fresh autopsy into the cause of
    death, insisted that Joy did not die of cocaine
    poisoning but from carbon monoxide.
    A statement by Augustine Okechukwu,
    President, Basic Rights Enlightenment
    Foundation (BREF) said, “The police in her
    characteristic manner has covertly deployed
    another twist to pervert the cause of justice and
    a coercive deception in the mysterious death of
    the late Joy Odama.
    “In a seeming bid to forestall the obvious truth
    surrounding this gruesome murder, the police
    high command has threatened the star
    witnesses, Martha Hassan and father, Victoria
    Ezekiel and father, plus Elizabeth, with arrest and
    subsequent detention if they fail to appear at
    Force Headquarters, Abuja, to give a fresh
    “When the threats from the Investigation Police
    Officer (IPO), Force Monitoring Unit, became
    unbearable and unwholesome, Victoria and her
    father, Mr. Ezekiel, had to succumb to the
    pressure and reported at Force Headquarters
    where Victoria was detained for over eight hours
    because she refused to either alter her statement
    or write a fresh one.
    “The police kept threatening her until she was
    made to sign a doctored statement from the
    police before bail was granted late in the night
    on Wednesday 21st June, 2017.
    “It is noteworthy here that Victoria and her father
    were not even allowed to go through the
    statement before appending her signature.
    “The Nigeria Police having failed in their futile
    attempts at the National Hospital to alter the re-
    conducted autopsy result is again engaging in
    all manner of clandestine tactics and outright
    manoeuvring to divert attention to kill the truth
    in this case.
    “We are calling on the Federal Government,
    Cross River State Government, National
    Assembly, Nigerian Bar Association, Federation
    of International Women Lawyers, Nigerian Union
    of Journalists, Civil Societies, Human Rights
    Activists, Religious Bodies, Clergies, Public
    Spirited Individuals and the world at large to
    please monitor the exercise”.

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