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  • Igbos, restructuring, and the expulsion
  • IGBO lives matter and nothing is bad in
    evacuating a killing zone. By that peremptory
    hate speech and expulsion order, which are
    being arrogantly repeated everyday without any
    bite from the authorities, except attempting to
    join the expellers in blaming the victim instead
    of the violent culprits, and pretending to narrow
    the Igbos down to their “landlocked” Southeast
    in order to blockade the central Igbos and seize
    those in the Rivers, Delta, Edo and other states
    as future slaves, Nigeria has already
    disintegrated spiritually, only awaiting a formal
    dissolution, which Southerners must ensure
    should happen smoothly on or before the
    October deadline.
    The expellers know who the Igbos are, and
    confusedly interchanging “Igbos” and
    “Southeast”, serves little purpose except self-
    imposed brinkmanship. They also know that the
    Ohanaeze is for all Ndigbo, not “Southeast”
    alone, and that an Igbo referendum will be Igbo-
    wide. Most Igbos in the “Southeast”,
    “SouthSouth”, and in the diaspora, greatly
    appreciate the latest Northern attitude to self-
    determination, and wholeheartedly welcome their
    expulsion from the North.
    Reactionary feudal system
    They have invested a lot to develop the North,
    but Igbo lives are more important than the
    hundreds of trillions generated out of nothing.
    Below is part of the history that Igbos, most
    Southerners and Middle Belters would be
    teaching their offspring: Nigeria’s basic problem
    was the caliphate, a very violent and corrupt
    state-within-state that averred that the IPOB/
    MASSOB, OPC, Niger Deltans, Middle Belters,
    etc, didn’t have any right to seek their own
    states-within-state or, sovereignties-within-
    The caliphate had its own independent Hisbah
    police, courts, laws, divers administrative set-
    ups variously decoyed armies (Fulani herdsmen,
    Boko Haram, etc), all, unlawfully paid for by
    Nigerians. Their anger with the Igbos had been
    deep-rooted from day one, stemming from the
    fact that whereas each and every other Nigerian
    nationality seemingly shared with them or was
    part of some bits and pieces of their reactionary
    feudal system, they sawthe Igbos as the only
    people that had totally nothing to do with it and,
    therefore, “uncultured”.
    Whereas moderate Islam is a religion of peace,
    the patently reactionary jihad was merely to
    achieve a Fulani territorial power base, and its
    tribal nature was maintained by the total
    exclusion of non-Fulani from the apex leadership
    of the moslem ummah in Nigeria. Thus, while
    the post-jihad caliphate often perfunctorily
    preached peace, it practiced violence as of
    necessity. Like other Wahabbis, they did not
    believe in a constitutional democratic secular
    state, and for long deployed state resource to
    fund private religious pilgrimages and other
    escapades, compelling other sects to also seek
    a cut in the pie.
    The caliphate oppressed even the moslems they
    purported to represent, not to talk of others. In
    their homes were all sorts of Western gadgets,
    but in their minds, a limitless array of atavistic
    designs against progress. They built a large
    following of sycophants, beneficiaries and
    apologists who helped them spread violence,
    but, this could have been overcome, except that
    Nigerians were not courageous enough to do
    The caliphate was not only economically
    wasteful, it was very politically and culturally
    corrupt; it served the needs of some extended
    families and endlessly strove to blanket the
    country with a 10thcentury darkness in a 21st
    century world of advanced civilisation and open
    society. They had nothing to offer any modern
    man other than tutelary offices and cultic
    “protections”, for those sufficiently betraying
    their people.
    They were pathologically after military-political
    power and foreign allies, never competitive
    democratic discourse because, being always
    afraid of enlightenment, violence was the only
    means by which they could achieve or
    implement their unjust objectives against all and
    sundry. Chinua Achebe claimed that Nigeria’s
    basic problem was leadership, but it was mostly
    systemic for, there was no amount of “good
    leadership” that could operate effectively in
    contention with a parallel authority, or while
    receiving unwritten orders from it.
    Since August 1966, the caliphate started
    desiring Nigeria to continue to exist, but on its
    own terms. It was very clear to everyhonest
    person that until it was totally abolished and
    wiped away from the country, in vain were the
    “lovers” of the nation labouring to have others
    see the exploitative anachronism as normal and
    acceptable. For the remnants that still believed
    in a rescuable Nigeria, there was some idea that
    a huge economic and other potential did exist
    within the Hausa-Fulani and other Northern
    masses, and unless and until that positive power
    was unleashed to join their Southern
    counterparts in a peaceful democratic context,
    which could not happen paripassu with the
    caliphate, Nigeria, even with a so-called Igbo
    presidency, would come to nothing.
    Of course, there were progressive-minded
    elements within the caliphate, but the system
    overwhelmed them and, partly because of fear,
    hardly made their voices heard. Fear of change,
    of a truly democratic secular political revolution
    in an egalitarian society, was the major
    obstacle. In the alternative, almost everyone
    accepted with joy a renewed Northern offer for
    people to go their separate ways. End of history.
    To Igbo elite and all: Igbos in various places
    and positions must be seriously mindful of their
    use of words and phrases, otherwise they would
    be suspected of colluding to destroy the Igbo
    peoples. The expulsion order is served on the
    Igbos, not “Southeast Region”, and Igbos have
    accepted it wholeheartedly, and the coming
    referendum (if it does), will also be Igbo-wide, in
    Abia, Anambra, parts of Delta and Edo, Ebonyi,
    Enugu, Imo, Rivers, and other parts of Igboland,
    and not restricted to Gowon’s ethnic-cleansing,
    designer “Southeast”, intended to divide the
    Igbos and minoritise those in the Rivers, Delta,
    Edo and other states that are still being
    persuaded and pressured to abandon their kith
    and kin and become slaves to the caliphate or
    their agents, even as they have never been
    spared in any Northern killings.
    Igbos must speak now with one clear and
    unmistakable voice: if anyone is in any doubt
    about who the Igbos and Igboland are, which
    pre-existed Nigeria, let him consult ethnological
    and historical texts and round it up with what
    everybody agrees was the most important
    document in Nigerian history, left to us by Her
    Majesty’s Government: the page 51 of the
    Willinks Report of 1957/58. Igbos remain happy
    that they were the only people so clearly and
    precisely defined by various explorers and Great
    Britain before their departure. The Ohanaeze
    Ndigbo, not Ohanaeze of “Southeast”, should
    know better.
    A word also to Eastern minority brothers and
    sisters: Igbos would continue to love and need
    them as brothers, sisters and neighbours and,
    given the unprintable crimes committed against
    them in Nigeria, fully support the rights of the
    Ijaw, Efik-Annang-central Ibibio-Ogoja, Ogoni,
    Andoni, for self-determination, to the level of
    their desire in or out of the country. As
    Easterners, Southerners, and mostly christians,
    we need unity now, more than ever before.
    Statements suggesting an ambition to isolate
    the hinterland Igbos and carve out Opobo, Port
    Harcourt or the Rivers/Mbamiri, Delta/Anioma,
    Edo and other Igbos into an Eastern minority
    coastal republic or “Region”, whatever its other
    aims, might be seen as a continuing effort to
    divide, weaken, “landlock”,and hamstrung the
    Igbo nation and transform her from the
    victimised of Nigeria to the victimised of the
    Eastern minorities.
    Anyone who likes or needs any Igbos should try
    and like and need all of them, and not spite any
    part or seek to pick and choose which Igbo
    species to treat in what manner. Igbos are a
    coastal nation, and their centuries-long coastal
    history generally served the East very well,
    sowing the seeds of the global civil rights
    Igbo priority is the consensual restoration of an
    enlarged Eastern Region and, if not possible,
    every Eastern/Southern nationality being on her
    united own, down to the coast, as was the case
    before, during and after colonial rule. Any Igbo
    agitator “unilaterally” drawing maps to embrace
    any non-Igbo in anything, might have meant
    well, but “forcing” anyone into liking or
    associating with any other group, is in no way
    part of Igbo enlightened thought process.
    Igbos seek mutually beneficial relations of
    equality and justice with everybody, not the
    harm or oppression of any, whether inside or
    outside Nigeria. Whichever Easterner continues
    to attempt to tear the Igbos apart, or join in an
    anti “other Igbo” alliance, would raise the
    question of motive for such designs.
    For the avoidance of doubt, it was through the
    Southern Igbos that modern Igbo maritime
    traditions developed; it was through them that
    Western civilisation entered Igbo hinterland,
    including the rise of the Union Igbo Bible Nso,
    which is essentially of Bonny, Ikwerre, Etche,
    Opobo, and other origin. On the one hand, it was
    also through them that the Igbos with Jaja,
    pioneered the struggle for African emancipation.
    On the other hand, it was mostly through the
    Ika/Anioma Igbos, led by Nnamdi Azikwe of
    Anioma/Eze Chima origins that the Igbos were
    mobilised to fight for Nigerian independence,
    and their Nzeogwu in the botched attempt to
    usher in an egalitarian and modern Nigeria.
    Therefore, if modern Igbos needed a hierarchy,
    these two peoples would be on top. Those
    attempting to cut off the head and leave the
    rump as “Igboland” in the guise of “Southeast”
    or “South-South” region or republic should,
    please, leave the Igbos alone. We are not
    unmindful of some individuals making a career
    out of a suicidal “Southeast” instead of Igbo-
    wide advocacies, since their selfish material
    objectives and hidden paymasters would one
    day be unmasked.
    The North and October ultimatum: No Igboman
    should be used to rescue the caliphate from
    their internal contradictions. Their next move in
    this self-imposed quandary is likely to be an
    attempt to achieve a Yoruba support or a
    Fulani-Yoruba alliance against the Igbos, by
    hiring some fools or criminals to stage an
    altercation between the two civilised groups, and
    concocting a non-existent “war” or “conflict”
    between the Igbos and Yorubas.
    Threat to civilisation
    This could be in Lagos, Port Harcourt, or any
    other part of the West or East. They might also
    try to create an altercation in the East between
    any paid agent. Leaders of all the groups
    concerned should be alert to attempts to divert
    attention from the Northern threat to civilisation.
    Except when used against the Igbos, they have
    absolutely nothing other than love against the
    talakawas, almajiris , and the host of other
    innocent Hausa-Fulani, peaceful muslims,
    christians, and so on being oppressed by the
    Fulani caliphate and their hirelingsthat present
    themselves as, and hereinafter called the
    “North” and, to whom the Igbo nation have for
    long been persevering to bring some light and
    development, and take some of their own back
    home, so that we could all join to build a great
    African society called Nigeria. This was the
    dream imposed by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, a
    contiuator of Olaudah Equiano, Africanus
    Horton, King Jaja and several other Igbos, and
    through whom they became the only African
    nation that was 100% mobilised and
    comprehensively united without exception for
    the struggle against colonial rule. The caliphate
    never liked that independence, delayed it as long
    as possible, until a “victory” was forged for
    them, which they never had even in the Middle
    Belt, let alone any corner of the South, but which
    nevertheless enabled them form a tortuous
    federal government with a declared aim of
    completing the atrocities of Othman dan Fodio
    and murderous wickedness of Alimi.
    The chosen prince to continue that jihad was
    Ahmadu Bello who, using his servant, Tafawa
    Balawa, were responsible for thousands of
    deaths in the Middle Belt, killed and burnt others
    in the Western Region, and were planning to
    resume against the Igbos from where they
    stopped in 1945 and early 50s, come January
    17, 1966. “No facts, no arguments, nothing
    under the sun can ever make these jihadists
    stop labelling January 15,1966, “Igbo coup”, and
    nothing would ever make them forgive the Igbos
    for preventing Ahmadu Bello completing his
    divine task of forcing the whole of Nigeria into
    the loving arms of Mohammed (PBUH).
    To them, it was that 1966 coup d’état that
    justified the mass killings of the Igbo in 1945; it
    was also that 1966 coup that led to their
    massacring thousands of other Igbos and
    Southerners over a statement made by a non-
    Igboman in Lagos in the early 50’s. It was also
    that 1966 coup d’état that led to the eradication
    of the Tiv/Middle Belt and the killing and
    humiliation of the Yoruba in the 60’s. It was of
    course the killing of Ahmadu Bello that has
    warranted the systematic elimination of the
    Bakassi people in their own homeland, via a
    treacherous Maroua Declaration; the murder of
    Saro-Wiva and complete destruction of
    Ogoniland; the present total occupation of the
    Ijaw Niger Delta and other corners of the South
    in pursuit of a righteous “degrading” of the Ijaw
    etc youths and communities; the ongoing
    genocide in Southern Kaduna whereof
    sophisticated weapons are dropped to the Fulani
    advance army through official channels, with
    villagers complaining that the army and police
    are ready for “action” only after the deed has
    been done and the natives need be prevented
    from defending themselves. It was also the
    unfortunate assassination of Ahmadu Bello that
    warranted the murder of Abiola, a presumably
    fellow moslem, his beloved wife, and several
    others, mainly Yoruba, over a simple matter of
    an election lost and won. Agents of the violent
    caliphate authored the Boko Haram, and only
    started washing their hands off it, if they are
    indeed doing so, only when it seemingly turned
    a Frankenstein’s monster.
    Nothing is meant to be said here about the
    murder of General Ironsi, Colonel Fajuyi and
    hundreds of Igbo officers and men, the series of
    pogroms that preceded the genocide, the
    genocide itself, the “post”-war ethnic cleansing
    in southern Igboland, all of which have
    consumed at least 4.5 million Igbo lives. Added
    to possibly 2 million lives of other Nigerians
    eradicated by the caliphate since independence,
    and presumably other 2 million since they set
    their feet on Nigerian soil early 19th century, it
    means that some people have in their red hands
    the blood of almost 9 to 10 million innocent
    human beings since the last 200 years, most of
    whom are of course, Igbo. With simple
    arithmetic means, if youcalculate that a country
    of 4 to 10 million people 200 years ago could be
    between 50 and 100 million people today, one
    may come a little closer to the understanding of
    what some feudal-minded people have done to
    the fraction of the black race called Nigeria.
    There arejust too many war criminals hovering
    around, and too many war crimes and crimes
    against humanity and against peace hanging
    over many people’s heads that it is clear that
    thecivilized world, including in Nigeria, have
    been taken for a ride for far too long. And, those
    that they are committing these atrocities against
    are people spoon-feeding them with trade, love,
    marriage, development and friendship, so that
    there could be a certain One Nigeria, forged
    from Lugard’s astral auguries.
    Now, why is the caliphate North, with this
    history, suddenly expelling the Igbos? Answer:
    there is a very angry ritual which they enact
    every 15th January, since 1966. Not a single
    modest Igboman from 1966 till date wished Sir
    Ahmadu Bello dead, despite the murder of many
    in the West and Middle Belt associated with him,
    but that ritual is targeted at the Igbos, primarily
    as a means of issuing veiled threats and
    mobilizing bias against the Igbo nation. January
    15 is a date set aside by the North for hate
    speech-making. Hirelings that present various
    papers deliver one hate speech after another
    hate speech in commemoration of the “Gamji”.
    You will wait for a single apology or at least
    sign of remorse over the atrocities associated
    with the great man, the many in the West and
    Middle Belt orphaned through him, and millions
    in Igboland and elsewhere by his followers, but
    in vain!
    The Nigerian state, a euphemism for the
    caliphate, cannot after 50years, even think of
    erecting a memorial for the lives of 4.5 million
    innocent Igbos they have destroyed (think not
    about property). So, because of this and other
    cruelties by caliphate Nigeria, the Igbos for the
    first time declared a sit-at- home to
    commemorated their dead by themselves (and
    to some, if necessary, also achieve a Biafra by
    peaceful means). What the Northmeans by the
    expulsion order is that while they annually
    commemorate someoneassociated with the
    murder of so many, openly making hate
    speeches and inciting statements on each and
    every 15th January occasion, the Igbos have no
    right to sit quietly in their homes to honour the
    4.5 millions murdered by them. Of course,
    whatever becomes of Nigeria, there is going to
    be a more general lockdown nationwide for the
    Igbo to commemorate those murdered by the
    caliphate and their agents, not only during the
    Biafran war but since 1945; the Yoruba, Ogoni,
    Bakassi, Ijaw, Tiv/Middle Belt, Southern Kaduna,
    etc would either join or separately conduct their
    own, and the possibility cannot be totally
    discounted that at some point in the future, even
    the almajiri and talakawa that the jihadist
    extremists dare educate may in remorse also
    join to commemorate the killingsof the Igbos and
    others. Therefore, as the caliphate, their caliphs
    and agents are numberingthe days of the Igbos
    and calculating the millions they will kill, throw
    into the Benue riveror seize their properties,
    they should also be numbering their own days.
    Restructuring now overtaken: No one should
    take us back to restructuring, for that has been
    swept aside by events. All peace-loving people,
    above all, Igbos, must welcome the ultimatum to
    leave the North.But, this is also boom time for
    fifth columnists. Hence, there is a particular
    warning to Igbo, Yoruba and other Southern
    leaders : the caliphate and their officials would
    before or after October 1st, try to buy over some
    Igbo, Yoruba or other Southerners to try to help
    them maintain “one Nigeria”. Those Igbos in
    Yorubaland and elsewhere that love crime
    instead of honest business are specifically
    warned that they are on their own, and not
    welcome by the Igbos. It is roughly estimated
    that Igboland can effectively accommodate up to
    100 million hardworking men and women; it will
    not be easy in the beginning, but after initial
    adjustments, Igbos will find their way in the
    world. It will constitute a crime for any Igboman
    to plead to stay in the North; in accommodating
    the returnees, in everything, this is the time to
    once again implement Onye Aghala Nwanne Ya!
    Every Igbo family in every Igbo town and village
    should prepare one or two rooms to temporarily
    accommodate 5 to 10 returnees from the North
    that have no home of their own in Igboland.
    Other immediate practical steps should be taken
    to reduce the adjustment period of these
    innocent returnees. Igboland alone is going to
    become a big market for thriving investment,
    and prosperous import-export trade.
    Appeal to the western powers: Igbos continue to
    appeal to foreign governments, especially the
    United States, Great Britain, France, Germany,
    Israel and other world powers and international
    community, not to continue to allow Igbos to be
    slaughtered. Igbos pose no threat to the West; if
    anything, Igbos are in all aspects more Western
    than those sponsoring terrorism and
    religiousextremism. The Igbos are very lucky
    that the British had before their departure clearly
    and precisely delimitated the boundaries of
    Igboland. The Igbo nation whole heartedly
    welcomes the expulsion order, and plead to the
    West to do nothing else than assist its peaceful
    implementation. Nigeria being divided according
    to the wishes of the North, which also coincides
    with the aspirations of others, will create more,
    not less friends for the West. Therefore, Igbos
    plead that Western governments do not dispatch
    “experts” and officials to advice Nigerians on the
    advantages of One Nigeria, or on matters of
    peace that leads to pieces, pogroms and
    genocides. The West should kindly help the Igbo
    nation now.
    Various Igbo figures must respectfully know that
    they are on the watch list of everybody. We all
    have been reduced and humiliated, and no one
    is any longer afraid of anything. There is not a
    single square meter now available for mistake,
    treachery or betrayal. If anyone continues to
    spread the Gowonic ethnic-cleansing evil of
    “Southeast”,instead of Igbo and Igboland, all
    Igbos would start re-examining the god that he
    is serving. It is too late to accept double speak.
    It is Igbos that have been served the ultimatum,
    not “Southeast” alone, and postwar Igbo public
    figures must, please, respect the unity and
    integrity of the Igbo peoples and their ancestral
    homeland, and henceforth STOP pretending lack
    of knowledge of the difference between the two,
    and the catastrophic implications of any wrong
    direction. Igbo public figures should for a start,
    simply remind Igbos in the North of the need to
    carefully return with papers of their landed and
    other properties, preparatory to an eventual
    reconciliation of accounts. Above all, every Igbo
    criminal must be warned not to harm any
    Northerner, especially since they too have been
    ordered home by their people and, even if not,
    are human beings created by God.
    Why the north will certainly strike: They pretend
    to be reacting against the agitations of IPOB and
    MASSOB, and that there should be no other
    sovereign state inside a sovereign Nigeria, when
    they themselves have been unilaterally and
    impudently operating a caliphate state-within-
    state, with the officialNigerian army and security
    agencies, deployed, controlled and teleguided by
    them. They will also strike because there is a
    pride that the capture of all military and security
    institutions of government is the highest point of
    their achievement under “another Northerner”,
    and need to make the fullest use of it before it
    slips never to return – because, this time,
    except there is a castrated Southerner in Aso
    Rock (and, they could be in millions), it may not
    return. They also need to strike now before
    anything happens that could permit a Yoruba
    professor to emerge a constitutional president
    of Nigeria, with the prospect of contesting and
    winning in 2019. There is also an internal
    ideological crisis within the caliphate. They
    know that their goal of turning Nigeria into a
    religious fiefdom and others as a milk-cow of
    parasitism is speedily coming to a close, with
    the Middle Belters getting wiser, and they need
    something dramatic to precipitate a reversal.
    There is also the calculation that the Igbos love
    property so much so that they could be
    blackmailed,insulted, killed and abused as they
    have been doing with no serious consequence.
    What ofthe simple annoyance over calls for
    restructuring, which would drag the entire edifice
    of caliphate economic, political, cultural and
    financial corruption down to pieces! Their
    operatives, leaders and ideologues are well-
    educated, and aware that centuries of
    feudalgovernance is not getting them anywhere;
    they cannot go on in that way in modern times
    and cannot come off it; it is a terrible negative
    contradiction, so, the only way they can
    “resolve” it is to provoke a major crisis, even if
    of a suicidal nature. The caliphate has passed
    the line and staked their honour by that quit
    order; they have imposed upon themselves an
    obligation to vindicate their manhood, and the
    fear that if the threat is not carried out they
    would lose all credibility before their slaves, will
    definitely pressure them to strike, even if the
    hour is uncertain. Indeed, right now, what is
    holding them against the Igbos is the lack of
    assurance from the Yoruba, the Eastern
    minorities and Middle Belters, to join in the
    annihilation of their enemy and confiscation of
    their properties. The gradual unity of the South
    is also complicating their calculationsAll Igbos
    should know that what these expellers need
    most is love, understanding, and yet more love
    and, while doing so, hasten home before
    October 1st. If this crime against peace and
    against humanity doesn’t re-unite Igbos,
    nothing again might. Igbos, from Igbo Akiri to
    Aba Omeghe, inland to the coast, would re-
    embrace each other; by themselves modernize
    Port Harcourt, etc., through which we trade with
    other nations, correct our past mistakes against
    each other, and move on, hopefully along with
    the Ijaw, Ogoni, Efik-Annang-centrral Ibibio-
    Ogoja, Andoni and the many willing others.
    Hundreds of trillions of naira investment to
    develop the North is not worth the blood of any
    other Igbo child. We created that wealth out of
    nothing, and there is greater prosperity
    elsewhere! Igbos coming home may not seem
    the best option in terms of preserving Igbo
    properties, but in the circumstance the best
    option for preserving Igbos lives.

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